February 15, 2007

EU Imperialism

Fearful that the world financial markets are going to migrate, like many young Germans, to enjoy the clean alpine air, and low regulation and taxes, of Zurich the EU wants the swiss to change their constitution to one that is more to the EU's liking. That this will stifle the local democracy (which includes the Cantons being able to set some of their own tax rates) that makes Switzerland what it is does not seem to bother those lovers of democracy in the EU Commission. Rather like their the reaction when the serfs decide to reject it's decisions as the Danes did over the Maastrich Treaty (and where made to vote again), or the Irish did over the Nice Treaty (and where made to vote again), or the Dutch and French did in rejecting the EU constitution (who are unlikely to be given the option of voting again, but the contents of treaty will be implemented anyway). Nor sovereignty like the right of a sovereign country to set whatever tax rates it chooses, but then the entire point of the supranational structures of the EU was to curtail the sovereignty of the countries that formed it so extending this to countries that are not part of it and have voted repeatedly not to become part of it is hardly much of a leap.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Germany has much to fear being the premier financial market in the EU.....oh, wait....London is!
It would not surprise me if the CIty and the British government have more than a passing intrest in this.
This issue is no different from the bullying that the US has undertaken against European tax havens in the Caribeen.

5:13 pm  
Blogger chris said...

And wasn't all of that business supposed to go to Frankfurt when we didn't join the Euro, like how the British economy was supposed to be left in the dust when we didn't join the Euro. However if you actually read what I wrote rather than just the bits highlighted by the links you might have discovered it was German people that where moving away from Germany, and financial markets that are moving away from everywhere to Switzerland. And yes this is exactly like the bullying that the US does, that exact same bullying that gets it labeled as imperialist.

5:36 pm  

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